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The world’s best stuffed animals, handcrafted of lavishly-soft French faux fur.

Adored by children, adults and A-list celebrities alike, Hannah’s Kittens® luxury plush are quickly becoming known as the top stuffed animals on earth. Truly a dream gift, our lush plush kittens and bunnies are award-winning and completely unique. Created from soft, sumptuous faux furs that are usually used for couture fashion, our luxe plush animals feature unbelievable attention to detail, like delicate hand-trimming and special weighting—making them the best stuffed animals being made today.

When you pick up our perfect plush cats, stuffed kitty, kitty set, leopard plush or plush bunny rabbit, you’ll see what all of the fuss is about…you’ll feel like you’re holding a super soft, real baby animal of your very own.

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(Our kitty plush, stuffed cats and kitty sets have won multiple awards, received countless rave reviews from editors, been praised on TV as one of the 'Best Gifts for Girls' and featured in 'Hottest Holiday Gifts' segments.)

A portion of our proceeds supports animal rescue.