Accessories and Other Pretty Things

Stuffed Animal Blanket & Pillow Sets

You can finally snuggle your adorable plush animals in style with this wonderfully lush and super-soft stuffed animal Blanket & Pillow Set. It’s so beautiful, and sooo perfect with our plush kitty cats and stuffed bunny rabbits! We know you’ll love this luxurious stuffed animal accessory more than you can even imagine. Children are truly raving about it. Available in pretty pink or lovely lavender.
$38 while supplies last (17” long x 13”wide)

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Pink Satin-Ribbon Kitty Basket
(Soft, luxe & perfect stuffed animal bed)

Presenting the fanciest stuffed animal bed in the history of girldom. Carefully woven of pink, satin ribbons and rimmed with fluffy marabou, this intricate and extraordinary kitty basket has a satiny interior embroidered with our lovely Hannah’s Kittens® logo. Truly a tactile celebration of all things soft and luscious, this oval basket is perfect for carrying your plush kitties and stuffed cats, or tucking them in for a little cat nap. (A soft foam kitty basket covered in sumptuous satins.)
$75 (6” high x 11” long x 8 1/2” wide)

Hannah's Kittens®
Pink Hat Box

(Storage for stuffed animals)

This First Edition, pink decorative hat box adds a sophisticated touch to any bedroom or chic nook. It’s a wonderful way to store your plush cats, stuffed leopards, or all sorts of lovely treasured things. Unique in its oval design, this ultra posh hat box features a rare, textured paper exterior, the Hannah’s Kittens® Classic logo in white atop the lid, and (just for a fun surprise) an extra large HK crown logo awaits you on the interior. Ideal for stuffed animal storage and protecting our HK luxury, best stuffed animals.
$45 while supplies last (9 1/4” high x 12” long x 9 3/4” wide)

Soft Kitty Brushes SOLD OUT

Keep your posh kitties looking their best with our new HK brushes! The super-soft bristles are just perfect for brushing the long and luscious French faux fur on Hannah’s Kittens® bunnies, bears and kitty cats. So now you and your friends can have fun while caring for your HK kittens in style. Brushes are sold separately: pink brush with pink ribbon – or light blue brush with lavender ribbon.