Celebrity Quotes about Hannah’s Kittens® Luxury Plush Cats, Stuffed Leopards & Plush Bunnies

Celebrities travel the world and see the best products on earth, so we think it says a lot that our luxe kitties have been purchased by Lisa Marie Presley, Mark Walhberg, Adam Sandler, Elin Nordegrin as well many other well-known stars.

Brooke Shields

“My daughters really love your kittens. Do we ever outgrow the kitty years?

Paris Hilton

“Paris Hilton was so wild about your leopards, she bought two for herself.”

London Hotel, WH

Kate Beckinsale

“Kate Beckinsale absolutely loved your kittens!”

Children’s store in Brentwood CA

Hugh Jackman’s wife Deb Furness

“Ava would walk on broken glass to get these kitties.”

Jennifer Garner

“Brilliant!” “I give them as gifts to my friends.”