Customer Reviews of Hannah’s Kittens® Luxury Plush Cats, Stuffed Leopards & Plush Bunnies

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“When Gabriella is with her Hannah’s Kittens kitties, she is soooo happy!”

Gabriella’s mom, a designer in Paris

(from California)

"We gave Lola the kittens for her birthday last Thursday and she just lit up! They were a great success and she couldn't have been more surprised. She said the kittens feel like bundles of love."

Lola opening Hannah's Kittens
Lola Happy with Hannah's Kittens
(from N.J.)

"I really love my new kittens. They are my favorite of all my kittens. Thank you for making them so beautiful and so soft. They really do feel like real baby kittens. I slept with them last night and the basket is so pretty."

(Deer Valley, Utah)

"Chloe absolutely loved Hannah's Kittens. I took it as a gift for a weekend trip to her house. She carried a kitten everywhere she went and had the soft kitten do all of the things she would do. She even took her to a restaurant. Her mom was especially happy, as it was like having a new kitten, but none of the family members needed to worry about allergies. The best gift ever!"

Nancy C.

Chloe with Hannah's Kittens
(from Georgia)

When Kathy S. sent her niece a set of Hannah's Kittens for Christmas, this is the message she received back from her sister-in-law:

"The kittens you got for Kaitlyn were truly one of her most favorite gifts! It was such a perfect time to get such a wonderful gift. Her asthma has been acting up and we recently had to place our cat in a new home. Kaitlyn said she was happy she got cats she can finally pet and don't make her sick. She sleeps with them every night. :-)"

(Santa Monica, CA)

"When my niece Piper opened her Hannah's Kitten, she immediately put it up to her cheek like a real cat. She carried it around the backyard, hugging it and singing to it. I showed her the paws and told her the kitten's name was Violet. She just wouldn't let it go for anything!"

(from Colorado)

"Sara loves her Hannah's Kittens! She got them as a present from her great-grandmother. She loves to rub the kitties against her cheek because she says, "They're so soft." You can tell by the fine details that these are very special kitties. Sara likes to make believe with the kitties that she's the mommy kitty and they're the babies. Sara likes to put her kitties to bed in their luxurious basket. Well, I should say she likes to put two of the kitties to bed. She has a favorite that she sleeps with. Every little girl would love to have these kitties as they are extraordinary!"

(in New York)

"When I saw your kittens, I just had to buy them for my 5-year-old granddaughter. We were celebrating her official adoption date at a special family dinner that night, and I wanted to give her a gift that she would always remember. When she opened the kitten, you should have seen her face! She was so excited. She squealed and hugged them to her body and wouldn't let go. Everyone in the restaurant was looking and admiring the gift. I felt like the hero of the night!"

(from California)

"I gave my neighbor Molly the kittens and she was thrilled. We were planning on building gingerbread houses, so I had her open the box of Hannah's Kittens first. Let's just say that after she opened them, all she could talk about was her kittens and how they were going to sleep with her and she was going to take them everywhere. Needless to say, we were all thrilled by her reaction. Thanks, Gwen."

(from Washington)

"Abby LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS her kitten. She is absolutely beautiful! I even wrapped her in kitten wrapping paper. Thank you!"