Editorial Reviews of Hannah’s Kittens® Luxury Plush Cats, Stuffed Leopards & Plush Bunnies

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March 2013

This spring the editors of the very chic Gentry Magazine in San Francisco raved about our soft, luxe, perfect bunny. They mentioned that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck bought our sweet bunnies (for their two super-cute, completely adorable daughters).

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Gentry Magazine
December 2010

This past holiday season, the editors at Pasadena Magazine planned on having an entire page of gifts for girls and another page of presents just for boys. Once they saw Hannah's Kittens®, they decided this was the only gift for kids they were recommending this year. :-)

Hannah's Kittens in Pasadena Magazine
Hannah's Kittens Review in Pasadena Magazine
Spring 2010

The very cool and popular Kids LA Magazine recommened Hannah's Kittens® as the perfect Easter gift. "Forget the bunnies; get some Hannah's Kittens in your basket."

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Hannah's Kittens in Kids LA Magazine
Hannah's Kittens Review  in Kids LA Magazine
March 2010
Hannah's Kittens Article in Outlook
February 2010

“Hannah’s Kittens®: This is the stuffed animal I wish I had when I was little--it's one deluxe little stuffed animal. It's a pretty small stuffed kitten, about six inches long without the tail, but it's the details that make it special. Each kitten has a name and a personality. This little white one is Violet, with her name written on her paw and a super-cute purple ribbon collar. Doesn't she look just like the kitty from Aristocats? They're made with really nice French faux fur, and feel almost softer than a real kitten. I got a sample of the leopard faux fur that they're going to be making kittens out of, and I've been petting it for about an hour. The fur is slightly shaggy and shaved around the paws and face, so it looks extra-realistic. What I really love is that the body shape and weight are crazy life-like, so it actually feels like you're holding a real kitten (minus the potential clawing and scratching). The kittens are handmade and come in a set of three (Daisy, Violet, and Sweet Pea) and in a marabou-trimmed hatbox. Violet is totally satisfying my need to cuddle with something tiny and fluffy, and I highly recommend these kittens to anyone with a niece or little sister with a discerning eye for stuffed animals, or for any other lonely college students missing their pets. Their website also has a ton of fun info about raising a cat and some adorable cat names, so it's worth checking out.”

December 2009

The editors of this über popular family magazine in Orange County, California really loved the fact that our kittens encourage kids to read and a portion of our proceeds benefits literacy and animal rescue. That's why they put Hannah's Kittens® on their list of top holiday gifts that make a difference.

OC Family Magazine
Hannah's Kittens in OC Family Magazine
November 2009

The editors of LA Family Magazine told us that our luscious kittens were the best product they had seen in a year! Hannah's Kittens® received top awards from these editors and four additional Los Angeles area magazines.

LA Family Magazine
Hannah's Kittens in LA Family Magazine
November 2009

The amazing editors at this iconic magazine put our sweet kittens on their list of the top "20 Great Gifts" for cat lovers. Taking into consideration that the editors at Cat Fancy must have seen every possible gift on the market for people who adore cat and kittens, we were honored.

Hannah's Kittens in Cat Fancy Magazine
October 2009

Marianne Szymanski is the top toy reviewer in the U.S. and the founder of ToyTips.com, a website where parents can go to learn about safe and fabulous toys. Needless to say, we were thrilled when she featured Hannah's Kittens® in her television segment titled: Hot Holiday Toys (Clean Toys).