Frequently Asked Questions about Hannah’s Kittens® Luxury Plush Cats, Stuffed Leopards & Plush Bunnies

1) How should I wash my very special plush kitty of French faux fur? Hannah’s Kittens® luxury plush kitty cats, stuffed leopards and plush bunny rabbits can be hand washed. Please be sure you do NOT put them in the washing machine or dryer! You should wash your fancy Hannah’s Kittens plush animals by hand, just like you would a real kitten. :-)

  • Wait for a sunny, hot day (so your plush kitty or bunny can dry a bit outside).
  • Hand wash your plush kitten or stuffed bunny with gentle shampoo or dish liquid (no bleach!).
  • Gently rinse all shampoo off your plush kitty (be careful around her face).
  • Add a tiny bit of Downy or other fabric softener (or cream rinse) to 2 cups of water, and gently pour the diluted softener over your plush kitten’s faux fur (this will help keep your kitten’s fur feeling super soft).
  • Gently squeeze the water out of your plush kitty or bunny with a clean, dry white towel.
  • Set her in the sun to dry; then gently brush her with a soft-bristle brush and dry her a bit with a hair dryer. (Try not to heat the satin in her ears or on the bottoms of her paws directly with the hair dryer.) If she’s not completely dry, set her back in the sun for a bit longer. Brush her every few hours as she is drying. It may take a day or two for your plush kitty or bunny to completely dry, but she will be as good as new!

2) Will there be other plush cats & stuffed animals? Our final “French faux fur” line will feature a large mother cat (Annie) and her adorable little mini twins (Oliver & Ivy)! You’ll love our first teddy bear (Charli) and our spotted bunny (Buttercup). We’ll even have a super-rare mini kitten (Mimi) who is Keeki’s little sister! Our cream bunny (Carrot) will be a super-rare edition as well. Unfortunately we only have the cream French faux fur to create nine “Carrot” bunnies. We’re devoted to bringing you beautiful, new plush cats, stuffed leopards, plush bunny rabbits, and perhaps even plush puppies! We tirelessly search the world over for new fabrics and luxurious new faux furs to make more of our perfect plush kitty cats for you to love. “Friend” us on Facebook to be the first to know when wonderful new plush animals are arriving.

3) Will you have accessories? Yes! Our new luxe stuffed animal Blanket & Pillow Sets are getting rave reviews from girls! They come in pretty pink or lovely lavender – and they are a fabulous way to snuggle your plush kittens in style. See our stuffed animal Blanket Sets.

4) Who is Hannah? Hannah is a college girl living in California who has loved kittens ever since she was a tiny girl. (And she’s always rescuing kittens and bringing them home with her! She even rescued a tiny kitten from a car engine once and came home covered with dirt and grease…but the kitty in her arms was perfectly fine.) Hannah’s been very involved in creating these perfect plush kitties, and she loves sharing them with other cat lovers around the world. Hannah’s very favorite plush kitty is Keeki – and Keeki is sitting on Hannah’s bed in her dorm room right now. Please see “Our Story” page, and click on the link at the bottom of that page to see a picture of Hannah today.

5) Why do these kittens cost more than regular stuffed animals? Hannah’s Kittens® are very rare, luxury plush animals – and they are truly the best stuffed animals being made in the world today. They are not typical, mass-market stuffed animals. Our kittens are handcrafted in very small batches, using extremely costly (but FABULOUS) European faux furs. We spend over 45 minutes per kitten just hand-trimming the thick faux fur around the eyes and paws. We also hand place the filling in some places and not in others. Why? When you pick up one of our award-winning, top stuffed animals, you’ll know. Our painstaking attention to detail makes our plush cats, stuffed leopards and plush bunny rabbits feel more like real baby animals when held. Naturally, they are very expensive to create, and once you hold them for yourself, we think you’ll agree that they’re worth every penny.

6) Which celebrities have purchased Hannah’s Kittens®? Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Lisa Marie Presley, Paris Hilton, Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, Mark Wahlberg, Dennis Quaid, Elin Nordegrin and others.

7) What about toy safety? Our toy safety standards are some of the highest in the industry. We not only have our products tested abroad by third party labs, we also go to the added expense of testing in U.S. labs. We even have our products taken apart to test internal materials. This extra safety step is above and beyond standard testing procedures. At Hannah’s Kittens, we not only meet and exceed all U.S. ASTM safety standards, we also surpass the usually tougher European safety standards.

8) Do you accept returns? Absolutely, no problem! If you are not completely
satisfied when your luxe plush kitty cats, stuffed leopard or plush bunny arrive, just email us and let us know. (However, we must honestly tell you that we have only had one return in five years.) Like most of our customers, we think you’ll be completely thrilled with our plush kittens. If for any reason you are not, ship them back and we will refund the cost (less shipping). All items must, of course, be in new condition in their original packaging. (Please see our Return Policy.)


Thank you! Your friends at Hannah’s Kittens, Inc.