Meet the Kittens

is Violet’s twin sister! But while our plush kitty Violet likes the color violet, our plush kitty Poppy likes the color pink. Poppy is also a very fancy kitten who loves super fancy things.

So perhaps you and Poppy could have an elegant afternoon tea with lovely things to eat like tiny sandwiches, scones and strawberry jam. You could even invite a princess or queen. (Poppy would be thrilled.)

Poppy the plush kitty also adores all sorts of stylish events like fashion shows and posh parties. What can we say? Some kitties are just fancy felines.

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Charli NEW!
is the softest, most sumptuous, very best teddy bear on earth!

She is an ultra-rare First Edition (only 110 worldwide) and her super-soft French faux fur is truly extraordinary. Charli is twice the size of our kittens, and she feels almost real when you hold her in your arms.

Weighted, hand-trimmed and hand-filled, Charli is sheer teddy bear perfection in every possible way. She is adorned with a rich, satin-ribbon bow from Switzerland, finished with a pretty purple flower.

She is extremely fond of purple, periwinkle and pirouettes. This collectible plush bear comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity (of course).

Size: 12” long, For ages 6+

$275. Free Shipping

is our girliest, coolest plush leopard ever! As you might guess, Kali is Moka’s little sister – but do you know what this stylish, little stuffed leopard likes doing best? Kali sooo loves to go shopping with you and your very best friends. :)

Since Kali’s a fancy leopard, she naturally enjoys seeing fancy, new things. So, of course, she will be wildly happy if you take her along when you and your bff’s hit the malls, gallerias or posh boutiques.

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Ballet Tutu Skirts NEW!
Everyone knows that fancy kitties need fancy things. Introducing our super-cute ballet tutu skirts for your Hannah’s Kittens® luxury plush animals. These adorable, new tutu skirts tie around your kitty cats, bunnies or bears with soft and lavish Swiss satin ribbons. Ultra-fine tulle and a satin rose add to their elegance (and will have your friends standing on tip-toe to see them).

In pretty pink or shades of lovely lavender. (luxe kittens sold separately)


Sorry, pink tutu is sold out.
is a pretty “Calico” plush leopard kitten whose favorite thing to do is spend time in a garden. You can find her nearly every afternoon reading beneath the lilacs to her tiny garden friends.

She reads to the ladybugs (who ask her to read stories about kingdoms and castles). She reads to the butterflies (who ask her to read stories about faraway lands). And she reads to the bunnies (who ask her to read stories about tea parties and cupcakes, which we like to hear, too).

It’s easy to see our plush leopard Keeki appreciates nature-- and all of her friends truly appreciate her.

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is a sweet plush jungle leopard who loves to try new challenges. One day she might try singing. The next day she might try drawing. And the next day she might try twirling, leaping, flipping and pouncing.

You see, Koko the stuffed leopard kitten always has a cheerful outlook and a happy heart. If she’s not the best at cartwheels, she’ll keep looking until she finds something she can simply rock.

She knows that everyone has special gifts — and she will discover hers soon enough.

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Soft Kitty Brushes SOLD OUT
Keep your posh kitties looking their best with our new HK brushes! The super-soft bristles are just perfect for brushing the long and luscious French faux fur on Hannah’s Kittens® bunnies, bears and kitty cats. So now you and your friends can have fun while caring for your HK kittens in style. Brushes are sold separately: pink brush with pink ribbon – or light blue brush with lavender ribbon.


Since so many girls have been asking for fun accessories for the our best stuffed animals, we wanted to be sure you didn’t miss our fancy, new stuffed animal Blanket & Pillow Sets! Just perfect for snuggling our sweet plush kitties and bunnies in style, this lusciously-soft and luxurious set will make any of your plush animal friends feel like a little princess. Simply wonderful! In pretty pink or lovely lavender.

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is a fun plush leopard who’s always begging to go on an adventure. Moka dreams of going everywhere and seeing everything.

Moka is never worried about getting stuck up a mountain, falling out of a tall tree, or getting a little bit lost along a jungle path.

So be sure to take Moka the stuffed leopard along with you on all of life’s adventures. You can be certain of one thing: Moka will be thrilled to be right there at your side.

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Truly the fanciest plush Kitty Set ever made, this luscious 5-piece set is the ultimate dream gift for any kitty lover. Three plush kitties of super-soft French faux fur snuggle in a luxurious basket of satin ribbons and fluffy marabou.

Daisy, Violet and Sweet Pea love taking a cat nap in their soft, pretty basket...but these sweet plush kitties are always ready to hop out of their kitty bed and play with you.

Drift off to sleep at night with these precious kitties in your arms, knowing that you own the very best kitty set in the world.

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is a plush kitty cat filled with sweet daintiness. She likes to play dress up, and doesn't mind when you dress her in your cutest dolly clothes.

She likes tutus...dresses...hats and getting ready for fancy tea parties.

At bedtime what does this soft plush kitty like best? Sleeping next to you, tucked beneath a blanket, wearing, of course, her favorite fur coat.

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is a soft plush kitty who loves to hear stories. So could you please read her stories about castles, princesses, kittens, cats, school, friends, bedtime, birthday parties, teddy bears, ponies, pirates...and sometimes even puppies? This sweet plush kitten likes them all.

And if you promise to read Sweet Pea all of your favorite storybooks, she'll be sure to listen carefully and snuggle at your side.

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is a plush kitten who is perfectly white. Like a snowball. Or like a cotton ball. Or like the white ball of fur you'll sometimes find stuck to the top of your slippers.

She is always very good and uses all of her kitty manners. She is tidy, quite proper - and would never dream of hopping in a mud puddle.

If you draw pictures for her, and sing to her, and take her to visit your friends, this little stuffed kitty cat will be purrfectly happy.

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