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Hannahs Kittens Classic Kittens Set
Luxe Kitty Sets & Plush Cats
Handcrafted in small batches, our plush kitty cats and bunnies are some of the best stuffed animals ever made. Each perfect plush kitty and sweet stuffed bunny is made from ridiculously soft and lavish faux furs. Milled in France with a rare woven backing, the faux fur “coats” on our cute stuffed animals feel more like chinchilla or a really, really soft baby rabbit.

In order to keep this thick and luxe faux fur everywhere, our top stuffed animals and plush cats go through four rounds of intricate hand-trimming. We also give our stuffed animals special weighting – and hand-place the filling in some spots and not in others. Why all the crazy care and attention to detail? When you pick up a Hannah’s Kittens® luxury plush animal, you’ll know. They’re undoubtedly the best stuffed animals being made in the world today, and they come in ultra-luxurious Kitty Sets or lovely single plush Kitty Cats

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