Hannahs Kittens Classic Kittens - Rosie
(Sold out)

Meet our adorable, plush kitty Rosie. She is one of our prettiest stuffed kittens ever, with her lavishly-soft and creamy French faux fur. Slightly deeper pinks adorn her ears, paws and satin-ribbon collar; and two perfect, pink-satin roses add a lovely, luxurious touch to her bow.

This plush kitty Rosie is an ultra-rare First Edition with her name and #1 beautifully embroidered on her rear paw (only 175 worldwide). You’ll make Rosie feel like a little princess if you tuck her beneath one of our soft, satiny stuffed animal blanket sets and place her in our pink, satin-ribbon basket (see our stuffed animal bed and stuffed animal blankets via the Accessories link).

Rosie’s faves include: Always having a rosy outlook, and spending time with her dear cousin Daisy.

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Recommended for those who are old enough to care
for rare and precious friends.


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