Classic Single Kittens - Violet

Hannahs Kittens Classic Kittens - Violet
luxe plush kitty

Like all of our award-winning plush kitty cats, Violet is handcrafted from the most sumptuous faux furs on earth. She is a lovely snowy white with a violet dotted collar – and she is proportioned more like a real baby kitten between 4-5 weeks of age.

This exceptional stuffed kitten is perfect for sleeping with and snuggling (due to her ultra luxe satiny fabrics and her soft-as-a-real-kitty French faux fur which you will absolutely love.) Special hand-filling and unique weighting makes our plush kitty Violet feel more like a true baby kitten when picked up and held. A dream gift for everyone who loves adorable stuffed cats, top stuffed animals, and super-luscious fancy things.

Tuck her beneath our soft, satiny stuffed animal blanket and place her in our pink, satin kitty basket (see our stuffed animal bed and stuffed animal blanket sets via the Accessories link).

Violet’s faves include: Using her nice kitty manners and visiting your friends. Her name is beautifully embroidered on her rear paw.

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Ages 3+