Jungle Kittens - Kali

luxe plush leopard

Meet Kali – Moka’s super stylish, little sister. Quite possibly our girliest, coolest stuffed leopard ever, Kali’s soft, tan undercoat of lavish French faux fur is spotted with tones of dark chocolate and rich honey. Fun and super cute, Kali the plush leopard has soft pink satin on her ears and paws, and a pretty, pink “jewel” heart adorns her satin-ribbon collar.

Soft as a real leopard kitten, every bit as unique – our stuffed leopard Kali belongs in a posh handbag or on your lovely bed. From an award-winning line of Luxury Plush animals, Kali’s rich faux fur is usually used for couture fashion.

This unbelievably luxe leopard plush kitten is an ultra-rare First Edition (only 325 worldwide), with her name and #1 beautifully embroidered on her rear paw.

So treat yourself or someone you are wild about to this soft plush kitty of perfection. Kali is so luxurious, you’ll feel like you’re holding a real leopard kitten of your very own.

Kali’s faves include: Going shopping at chic boutiques with you and your very best friends.

$138. Free Shipping

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