Jungle Kittens - Keeki

luxe plush leopard

One of our most popular plush leopard cats ever, Keeki’s luscious French faux fur is snowy white with pretty patches of rich, warm caramel and contrasting black – giving her the super-cute appearance of a “Calico” leopard kitten.

Since Keeki is such a sweet and beautiful plush kitty. Hannah decided to give her a new, pink satin-ribbon collar (which she thought you would like even better).

Imagine how fun it would be to snuggle our stuffed leopard Keeki in one of our new, pink or lavender stuffed animal blanket sets! This precious plush leopard kitty is ridiculously soft and almost feels like a real, baby kitten when you hold her in your arms.

Our lavish faux furs and unbelievable attention to luxe details make Keeki and all of Hannah’s Kittens® stuffed cats and kitty plush, the best stuffed animals ever made.

Keeki’s faves include: Reading to her best friend Bunnie, in the garden by the lilacs and ladybugs.

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