Jungle Kittens - Koko

Hannahs Kittens Jungle Kittens - Koko
luxe plush leopard

Koko’s sumptuous French faux fur features rich, gorgeous tones of warm caramel, honey and chocolate on a golden “coat” with a light, bluish gray undercoat. Usually spotted in 5-star resorts and upscale retailers, Koko the plush leopard kitten is über hard to find -- and impossible to put down.

Place this silky-soft stuffed leopard of perfection in your bag or on your bed. Or give Koko as an ultra luxe gift to someone you know….someone who deserves a ridiculously soft, rare plush leopard kitten to hold and love.

Our lavish faux furs and crazy attention to detail make Koko and all of Hannah’s Kittens® stuffed cats and kitty plush, the best stuffed animals ever made.

Koko’s faves include: Trying new challenges.

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