Jungle Kittens - Moka

luxe plush leopard

Moka’s luscious French faux fur has a warm tan undercoat with rich, dark-brown spots and areas of light cream. Usually spotted around Beverly Hills or Newport Beach, this plush leopard Moka is über hard to find – and impossible to resist.

Treat yourself to this stuffed leopard of perfection. Or give Moka as very special gift to someone you know….someone who deserves a ridiculously soft, rare plush leopard kitten to hold and love.

Our lavish faux furs and crazy attention to detail make Moka and all of Hannah’s Kittens® stuffed cats and kitty plush, the best stuffed animals ever made.

Moka’s faves include: Exploring and discovering new things.

Our 2nd & 3rd Edition Moka plush leopards are offered in a choice of three collars:
lavender dotted grosgrain (shown) -- or dark-brown or medium-blue Swiss satin (in very limited supplies). Contact us if you’d like to see photos of the Swiss ribbon collars.

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