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One look, and you can see why people everywhere have been so anxious for this gorgeous, plush snow leopard to arrive. Laya is creamy white with beautiful, honey-colored spots and a pink satin-ribbon collar. One of our most sought-after plush kittens ever, Laya is ultra rare and usually only spotted in top Beverly Hills resorts and über upscale retailers.

So treat yourself to this luxe stuffed snow leopard of perfection. Or give Laya the plush leopard as a special gift to someone you are simply wild about. Laya is ridiculously soft and will make you feel like you are holding a real snow leopard kitten of your very own.

Our lavish French faux furs and crazy attention to detail make Laya and all of Hannah’s Kittens® stuffed cats and kitty plush, the best stuffed animals ever made.

Laya’s faves include: Snuggling and going on fun adventures in your dreams. (Click on the link ‘Meet the Plush Kittens’ for more about our top stuffed animals and their personalities.)

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